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in the Fermo’s area

Accessible Tourism
in the Fermo’s area

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accessible tourism

Accessible tourism in the Province of Fermo aims to guaranteeing all citizens the access to the tourist experience, regardless of the personal, social, economic or any other condition that may limit the enjoyment of the holidays.

The active and steady collaboration of associations and local authorities have speeded up the process of removal of architectural barriers in the Province of Fermo, promoting cultural trips, sports and group trips (travel offers dedicated) to guarantee to each one the ideal holiday.

This allows in a concrete way to facilitate the families in their choice of the holiday resort in an appropriate manner and on the basis of specific needs such as the elderly, people with disabilities, people with ethical requirements, with allergies (eg. Celiac disease) and other food intolerances (crustaceans , lactose etc..) that require a lot of attention and sensitivity by the local actors.

Hospitality for all that is based on transparency and culture of hospitality.