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Agritur-Aso Association is an association established on the 10/04/2007 with the intention of bringing about projects to enhance the quality of life with the imprint of solidarity and sustainability, by promoting relationships and co-operations between those offering products, services, rural tourism and environmental education and, on the other hand, those benefiting from such services and products. The aim of the association is that of – even with the distinction of the roles – to recover, conserve and value the great local heritage or the environment, the art, the culture and the traditions, of local recipes and of typical products and food traditions of the Valdaso territory, rightfully named “The garden of the Marche”.

Number and category of members:
The founder members are 8, owners or managers of 6 agro-tourism structures
and of two agricultural firms.

Members: The ordinary members are 20.
The events organized by the Association:
>> Week end in the Marche: Valdaso, Fermo e Loreto
>>The Tales of the Scentella dish

For more information contact:
Via Roma, 24
63851 Ortezzano
Tel.: 349 8382510 – 0734 655996
Web: www.agritur-aso.it
E-mail: presidente@agritur-aso.it