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Association Paracadutisti d'Italia-FermoAssociation Paracadutisti d’Italia-Fermo is the parachuting school Fly Zone Fermo, founded in Fermo in 2005 after five years of operations in another city, work from the airfield of Fermo. This establishment is situated only 3 km. from the Adriatic coast and 60 km. South of Ancona. Thanks to decades of experience gained by the staff of the Fly Zone, certified by the Civil Aviation Authority, you can attend any training course, from beginners to the instructors qualification launches. The basic parachuting course is conducted according to the method in accelerated free-fall, AFF (Accelerated Free Fall), which provides student mentoring by two instructors, until reaching the minimum technical capacities in order to jump alone. Thanks to modern equipment, you can also experience the thrill of “tandem” launches, jumping from 4000 m. accompanied by a qualified instructor using equipment designed for two people.

Everything can be filmed and recorded to DVD memory and you do not need to attend any course. Go to our online shop and buy your Tandem at discounted prices! In the drop zone a bar-restaurant is available, which in summer is enhanced with an outdoor seating area and a small pool. The paratroopers arriving from further away, may take advantage of two dormitories where there are total 22 beds and a fully equipped area for caravans and campers.

For more information contact:
C.da San Marco le Paludi – Fermo
63900 Fermo
Tel.: 0734 642156 – 349 6120984 – 334 7481670
Fax: 0734 642156
Web: www.flyzonefermo.com
E-mail: info@flyzonefermo.com