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legend and faith

legend and faith

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Between legends and faith - Abbazia eremo di san ruffino

Between legend and faith: spirituality in the Province of Fermo is expressed in a simple but full of meaning way. Such as art and history, faith also shaped the character of the people who live in the territory.

The annexation of the Papal States and the close contact with Rome, encouraged by the via Salaria, gave rise to a thriving religious and cultural life that marked the territory in an indelible way. One example, the presence of the canvas of Rubens (Adoration of the Shepherds), arrived in Fermo thanks to the presence of the order of Filipinos and now on display at the Palazzo dei Priori.

Each municipality has a strong relationship with its patrons, which sometimes goes in the mystic and legend. But what most characterizes the spirituality of the territory of Fermo is the way, the road and those resting places that have welcomed the men in this territory. We speak of the Holy Newsagents and Rural Sources built along the main roads of travel.

In addition, there are many churches and shrines of different periods as the Sanctuary of the Saints Ruffino and Vitale and the Sanctuary of Blessed Antonio Amandola of the Romanesque period, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace in Monte Gilberto and the Sanctuary Madonna dell’Ambro Montefortino with the late baroque and classical elements. It should be emphasized that in the province of Fermo is located the Jewish ghetto, dating back to the fifteenth century, in Monterubbiano.