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Camping Club del FermanoIn the early months of 1976 two groups of friends who did not previously know they had the idea of reconstituting a Club of campers due to the termination in 1969 of a similar association established in Porto San Giorgio.
They met by chance and joining gave birth in April of the same year to the Camping Club del Fermano, a non-profit organization based in Fermo, in order to bring together people interested in camping and promote a harmonious development of the practice of camping in respect of the land and environment.

Unlike most of the other associations campeggistiche taking in its name the name of the place, the founders of the Camping Club del Fermano indicated that of the land, Fermo in fact, precisely because they wanted to consult, both for the composition of the social body for both ‘area of intervention, the whole reality of Fermo, a well-defined territory which translated then in the current province of Fermo.

It is one of the founders of the Regional Association of the Camping Club – ARC Marche and, since its establishment, adhering to the Italian Confederation of campers.
While the succession in the transformation over the years from the outdoor tourism with the transition from the predominantly campeggistico with tent or caravan to the traveling with caravans, the Club has always remained faithful to its founding principles and any of its events has meant something more of being together, which is also important, but it also constituted an opportunity to project to the outside and let people know a way to make tourism a different but no less important than others for the economy and the development of the area.

It dates back to 1980, the 1st National Meeting of Fermo that ended with an unusual, beautiful and peaceful invasion of caravans in Piazza del Popolo in Fermo, and then again the 2nd National Meeting of 1982 in Montefortino which saw the participation of crews throughout Italy, from Sicily to Piedmont, and remained in the minds and hearts of those who took part for the warm welcome and for the large number of proposed initiatives.

We could go on with many other initiatives, but we limit ourselves to the more significant as the first experience, perhaps at the national level, camping really agrituristico sponsored by our Club in collaboration with the City of Fermo in 1981 and then in 1994 at the Round Table on Moresco “Tourism in Fermo Plein Air “and again, in more recent times, the” Open Doors to the discovery of Fermo “in April 2007, ten days in which institutions, facilities, guides and tour operators were available to tourists traveling so that they could build freely their itinerary and choose between the many opportunities offered.
The project “The Fermo 360 Days to Open Doors Plein Air” at the conference “Knowing places: discover them, live them, understand them” is what recently, in May 2010, but is part of a trend that has always characterized the policy of Camping Club Fermo namely the development of tourism and traveling campeggistico and the promotion of the territory but always with respect for and proper use of the environment.

Camping Club del Fermano


L.go Carlo Mora, 5  – 63900 Frmo

web: www.campingclubdelfermano.it

e-mail: segreteria@campingclubdelfermano.it

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