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Compagnia delle Opere Marche Sud AssociationCompagnia delle Opere Marche Sud Association, in the wake of the presence of Catholics in Italian society in the light of the social doctrine of the Church, promotes and protects the possibility of dignified presence of people in the social context and the work of all, and the presence of works and undertakings in society, fostering an understanding of the market and its rules can understand and respect the person in every aspect, size and / or time of life. (art. 1 Statute).

The purpose of the Compagnia delle Opere Marche Sud Association is not only the protection of shareholders, but the construction of a presence in the world, a spring into action, get involved with respect to a need. In this sense, the CDO enhances the actor is anyone who acts has placed among us.
That the principle of development is established in a company is profoundly right.
Be valued means to be aware, become aware of the value of positivity that his person is compared to themselves, their friends, to their family, with respect to time and history. The only place where this consciousness becomes possible and it says it is a company, a friendship.

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