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Francavilla D'Ete - Marche ItalyHistorical Notes
According to a Tradition handed down, the castle of Francavilla d’Ete would have come to life on the initiative of two servants, who had escaped from their Master, but the name is typical of the ‘borghi’ which enjoyed certain exemptions or privileges according to their strategic position. The castle was cited as an Episcopal estate in 1157 and then was redeemed in 1385 by Fermo after the conquest on behalf of the mercenary captain Averardo della Campana.

The center of Francavilla D’Ete developed around the church of St. Ruffino, no longer standing, with a polygonal foundation equipped with battlemented towers and just one entrance on the south side; the ‘borgo’ outside developed around the XVI century.

Monuments and Churches

– Parish Church of San Pietro. Project by Sacconi
– Parish Church of San Rocco with 2 frescoes by Pagani
– Church of the Madonna delle Grazie with fresco

Other attractions worth visiting
Memorial Park, Villa Sagrini with secular Park and historical Cultural Font of ‘900.

Local Traditions
Typical Activities: Carpentry
Food and Wine: Grilled meats

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