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Gran Premio di Capodarco

Great festival of cycling:
Gran Premio di Capodarco

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Gran Premio di Capodarco - Fermo - Marche

This is a timeless and consolidated appointment, on the  August 16, along the coast of the territory of Fermo’ s area, with about 30,000 fans and 200 athletes who annually compete: the cycling Gran Premio of Capodarco.

The fans going crazy for their favourite champions, the cars of the teams following their own cyclists, the motorbikes with television operators who try to catch every moment of the race, the noise of the helicopter following the race. These are just some images of what is certainly the most exciting amateur cycling competition of the Province of Fermo.

The cycling race in Capodarco born in 1925 and then consolidated his business. Now is more vital than ever. Gaetano Gazzoli is the organizer of the historical Grand Prix, and is also the major driver of what is one of the most prestigious cycling races at Marche and Italian level. The route of the Gran Premio of Capodarco has seen, over the years, the participation of almost all the world’s top cyclists, who then have arrived as professionals in competitions such as the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. Among the Italianones it is impossible to forget, for example, the former Olympic champion in ’92 Fabio Casartelli, Marco Pantani, Wladimir Belli and Ivan Gotti.