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History and art in the Province of Fermo

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Province of Fermo - Polittico del Crivelli - Torre di PalmeProvince of Fermo is the territory that once was the Duchy of Fermo. After the Frankish invasion, around the year 1000 the territory of the Duchy became a “Marca” : the center of the current “Marca Fermana”.

For about a thousand years Marca Fermana included the current provinces of Fermo, Ascoli Piceno and Macerata.

Today the Province of Fermo is rich in history and culture.

Throughout the whole territory we can find many theatres and amphitheatres: the Theatre dell’Aquila in Fermo, the Theatre Alaleona of Montegiorgio, the remarkable archaeological site of Falerone (where we find Roman theatres, aqueducts, insulae, thermal baths and domus) and the archaeological area “La Cuma” in Monte Rinaldo where we can still see the remains of a Greek Sanctuary dating back to the Roman era.

Are you keen for photography? Capture the essence of our territory through his castles, guard towers and fortified walls, our medieval “borghi” (=hamlets), Romanesque churches and wall paintings dating back to the XIII-XIV centuries.

You’ll never get tired of the breathtaking views of our landscape, from the Adriatic Sea to the Sibillini Mountains across the gently rolling hills of le Marche.

Artists and art lovers can enjoy the works of Vincenzo Pagani and Osvaldo Licini, the paintings of Carlo and Vittore Crivelli or the unique “Adorazione dei pastori” by Rubens, a famous oil painting on display at the Pinacoteca Civica of Fermo.

Lots of historical venues are open all the year round and host cultural events such as concerts, shows and exhibitions.