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let’s have fun!

let’s have fun!

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Fun - Porto San Giorgio - Marche

Cultural events, food and wine festivals, art and trade exhibitions, there’s so much to do and see in the province of Fermo, you just have to choose according to your taste.

Throughout the year plenty of social events are held in the Fermo area, thanks to the contribution and partnership of local municipalities, cultural associations and foundations.

In the winter a great variety of events takes place in our marvellous theatres, from dance and ballet shows to musicals, concerts and opera, while those who love cinema will find their place in our multiplexes or at our art film festivals.

When summer is about to start and evenings get warmer, villages and towns around Fermo lighten up and showcase all the flavours and fragrances of the Italian food, hosting all kinds of food and wine festivals where you can taste all sorts of local delicacies of Marche’s rich culinary tradition.

In our province you can have fun and take part in a festival almost every night until late September, ranging from the standard street food festivals to historical re-enactments in medieval costumes. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll also get the chance to attend some traditional religious celebration with acts of devotion like the “processione”: the moment when people walk together through the little streets of their village praying, singing and celebrating their patron saint, carrying his statue and icons.

Our coast is all about beach events in the summer: beach cafès, beach clubs, live concerts, jam sessions, stand-up comedy shows, entertainment for kids and adults.