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Italia NostraThe Fermano section of Italia Nostra was founded in 1995; it is the largest of the Marche and is within the most important in Italy. It has a well equipped head office in via Migliorati n. 2, in the historical center of Fermo, in the XVII century palazzo Paccaroni owned by the municipality.

It publishes an annual Calendar of cultural Appointments, which it distribute in thousands of copies to associates, authorities, scholars and personalities of a local and national level. It is well organized in the Territorial Sectors, Guided Visits, Press and Communications. In 2008 it accomplished n. 0 of the Information Periodical.

The section undertakes initiatives, in agreement with the statutory aims, for the valorization, the protection and the recovery of cultural and environmental goods of the Fermano area, with the following means: collecting signatures, appeals, notification, petitions, issue notices, press campaigns. Some of the most important cultural initiatives undertaken by the section up to December 31st 2008:

– Porto San Giorgio-Fermo-Amandola Railway (1908-1956)
– Art Posters
– Historical Re-enactments in the Fermano area
– Submerged-Salvaged: lost, hidden & forgotten cultural assets of the Fermano Heritage
– Nativity Art
– 80° Fermana football
– Ugly sights in the Fermano area
– Landscape Artists
– The Montani
– Views of the Fermano area
– Land and places in the Marche
– Award winning Bell Foundry Giuseppe Pasqualini & sons.
– The bel San Filippo of Fermo

– THE MONTANI of FERMO protection of cultural assets
Philatelic Annulments- National Convention “Tourist Railways and Tramways”
– 80° Fermana football
Professional Training Courses
– Nativity Art
– Heraldry
– Cultural Assets in philately
– Cultural Assets in numismatics
Conventions – Tourist Railways and Tramways
– Noise, light, electromagnetic pollution
– Renewable energy and energetic savings
– Environmental Emergencies in the Fermano area
– Sustainable Mobility and ecological transport vehicles
– Green paths and sustainable tourism
– Towns of Art and antique ‘borghi’ (boroughs)
– On foot, by bicycle, on horseback, by train … Slow mobility
– Protection of environmental and cultural assets
– The Marche landscape, the identity of a Region
– 100° anniversary of the Porto S. Giorgio-Fermo-Amandola Railway

– The Montani of Fermo
– Historical craftsmanship of the Fermano area
– Fountains, wells, wash places and drinking troughs in Fermo
– Doors, portals, wings and latches in Fermo
– The nativity according to Rubens, by Guerrino Lovato
– About the artistic literature of the Rubens of Fermo
– Award winning Bell Foundry Giuseppe Pasqualini & sons.

Musical Entertainment
– I Cortili dell’ Arte, (= The Art Courtyards) – 10 editions
Folklore Performances
– Serata in Stazione, (= An Evening at the Station) – 10 editions
Literary Meetings
– La natura dei poeti, (= Poets’ nature) – 5 editions
Discovering the small historical theatres of the Marche
TEATRINSIEME, (= Theatre together) – 1 edition