Fermo, Marche, Italia


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Moresco (FM)Historical Notes
The castle of Moresco, which stretches out on the Aso valley and overlooks the sea, is dominated by an imposing XII century heptagonal tower with Ghibelline battlements. It has an ellipsoidal structure and it develops around an internal court yard, which has assumed the function of a piazza.

In Roman times important settlements rose up on its territory and as did monastic and feudal curates and castra during the Lombard period.
One of which asserted itself over all the others, becoming the only place of residence of the scattered population. In the XIII century, the castle became estate of the town of Fermo.

Free from feudal ties, Moresco is supported by a council of ‘Massari’ and by a vicar named by Fermo. During the period of its upmost splendor in the XVI century, it is enriched by many churches (especially extra-urban ones) and by works of art. In 1869 it loses the autonomy of its municipality and becomes part of Monterubbiano until in 1910 when it goes back to being an autonomous municipality once more.

Monuments and Churches
– Church of Santa Maria in Castello, situated in the small piazza facing the Town Hall (il Palazzo Comunale), it still has a well preserved portico with a fresco by Vincenzo Pagani.
– Church of Madonna della Salute, situated outside the town walls, it preserves an image of the Virgin delivered from the iconoclast destruction which had been ordered by the Emperors of Constantinople.
– Church of Santa Maria dell’Olmo, XVI century, preserves a fresco by Pagani with the Madonna and Magdalene at the foot of the cross.
– Torre dell’orologio, (The clock Tower) XIV century, it overhangs the entrance to the town and it is sided by an elegant XVI century portico.
– Heptagonal Tower, XII century, build as a defense and watch tower, it is 25 meters high.
– Church of SS. Lorenzo e Nicolò Church of Santa Maria dell’Olmo; Church of San Lorenzo; Church of S. Antonio da Padova; Church of the Madonna della Salute.

Museums / Art Galleries
Pinacoteca (Art Gallery) “Patrizio Gennari”
Tel/Fax 0734/259983 – 0734/259984
Email: turismo.moresco@ucvaldaso.it
Opening times: every morning from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 14.00; other days or times by appointment only.

Other attractions worth visiting
Heptagonal Tower, Clock Tower, Ex Church of Santa Sofia now Small Theatre of Santa Sofia, Piazza Castello and the XVI century Portico of the Ex Church of Santa Maria in Castro, Historical Center, Council’s Room at the Municipal of Moresco.

Local Traditions
Food and Drink: Pizza di Natale (Christmas Pizza, a Typical Christmas Sweet)