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an outstanding area of natural beauty

Fermo’s Province:
an outstanding area of natural beauty

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Natural beauty - Fermo - MarcheThe Province of Fermo is an area full of natural beauty. Its landscape includes a beautiful coastline, majestic mountains and rolling hills.

The highest peaks of our territory are located in the Western part, an area densely covered with plant life that you can discover across the paths leading to the mountains’ top.

This area is called “Comunità Montana dei Sibillini” (=Mountain Community of the Sibillini) because it’s the area where the Sibillini Mountains are located, along with the National Park that was established more than thirty years ago. From the mountains to the sea, the view here is amazing.

Whether you like extreme sports or just taking gentle strolls in the nature, discover our stunning natural landscapes through the walking trails and riverside walks of the area. Varying in degree of difficulty from beginner to experienced, they are perfect for sports like hiking, trekking and mountain biking.

In this Apennines area, we find the lovely towns of Smerillo, Montefalcone Appennino, Santa Vittoria in Matenano, Amandola and Monte Fortino, all worth visiting.

We know how important is to preserve our natural heritage: that’s why an increasing number of accommodation facilities of the area (hotels, guesthouses, motels…) have a low environmental impact, and a lot of municipalities are promoting recycling and raising awareness of environmental issues among citizens and tourists.