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trekking in the Fermano area

Nature holiday:
trekking in the Fermano area

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Trekking in Fermo'area

Trekking is really an enjoyable activity in the Fermano area thanks to its stunning landscapes. Exploring the unbeaten tracks in the countryside, you’ll realise how rich in natural attractions our territory is : gently rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, wild woods and forests, endless fields of green under blue skies.

The view is outstanding, no matter which route you choose: Monte Fortino and Amandola are the gateway to the amazing National Park of the Sibillini Mountains, located on the border between Marche and Umbria. Walking through the hiking trails of Smerillo and Montefalcone Appennino you can see the majestic Gran Sasso mountain. In Torre di Palme you can go hiking for 2 km in the “Boschetto del Cugnolo”, one of the few remaining examples of untouched Mediterranean scrub along the Adriatic Coast.

Plenty of interesting routes will let you discover our towns and hill-top villages. One of the most traditional fascinating routes starts from Porto San Giorgio and leads to Lapedona, Moresco, Monterubbiano, Petritoli, Monte Giberto, Grottazzolina and Fermo. From Porto San Giorgio, the route heads towards the A14 toll booth, where it goes on over Santa Maria a Mare to reach Marina Palmense and then Lapedona. After this first 3 km- long walk, quite easy to walk, you’ll find yourself faced with a short climb of about 800m, but that’s the hardest part, as the remaining climbs in the countryside are always around the 5% grade.

With such a rich and varied landscape, from valleys to hills and mountains, one of the perks of doing trekking in the Fermano territory is that you can always find the best route for you whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Local institutions are fully aware of environmental issues and try to regulate and manage local tourism in terms of sustainability and responsibility.