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Sibillini Segreti e SaporiSibillini Segreti e sapori

This Tourist Association has 25 accommodation facilities of different kinds located in 7
different municipalities.

The “Sibillini Segreti & Sapori” Tourist Association is made up of Agro-tourism companies, Hotels, B & Bs, Country Houses, Lodges, Restaurants and other sorts of accommodations, which cater for the different needs of the tourists. The Association was founded with the aim to promote and enhance this part of the territory of the Marche between Ascoli Piceno and Fermo, characterized by the striking presence of the Sibillini Mountains: Such a special territory, which is still little known to most people.

There are numerous notable sites that are rich in cultural heritage, which is well preserved in the towns of art just like the many places perched further inland. The works of Crivelli at Monte San Martino, the tower-houses and the civil museum at Montefortino, the abbey of San Ruffino, the frescoes in the Church of San Francesco or the La Fenice Theatre in Amandola are just a few examples of precious treasures that you can appreciate in this area.

The territory keeps ancient traditions alive, which enhance the value of the local typical products during historical and gastronomic events, like the “Diamonds of the Table”, the “Fregnaccia” Festival and the reenactment of “Canestrelle” in Amandola, the Festival of the “Vincisgrassi” of San Venanzio or the autumn flavors of Montefalcone.

For more information contact:
Via Marconi, 4
63857 Amandola
Tel.: 349 8465231
web: www.vacanzesibillini.it
E-Mail: info@sibillinitourist.com