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Marca Fermana is a non-profit organizationThe Association Marca Fermana - Porto San Giorgio established in 2008 for the tourist welcome, the touristic promotion and the enhancement of the territory of the Province of Fermo, in the Marche.

Marca Fermana carries out its activities in collaboration with its 76 members. The association is a point of reference for all those involved in the area of tourism, directly and indirectly, and who want to create a network. The partnership is made ​​up of a network of public bodies such as municipalities, the Province, the Chamber of Commerce and educational institutions, together with private bodies such as trade associations, tourist associations and banks.

Since its beginning, the association has focused its activities in the promotion and development of the area, either through the traditional tools of off-line communication (such as the preparation and dissemination of information materials on paper), and the most effective and modern communication systems on-line such as the web and the main social networks where they are they publicize the events of its members and all the news of the territory.

During the period January-May Marca Fermana takes part in the main Italian and foreign fairs where it promotes the whole province. The fairs allow the association to meet industry players, but above all end-users, tourists, that every year choose the Fermo area as a destination of their holiday in the Marche region, establishing a direct contact with them, meant to last in the time.

With the publication of the Marketing Plan of the Province of Fermo, the Association Marca Fermana has been identified as a possible DMO (destination management organization) of the territory and therefore responsible for the management and marketing of the tourist destination.