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The territory of Province of Fermo - Marche

Sea, hills and mountains blend harmoniously into the territory of Fermo’s area. The altitude, from the sea to the mountains, grows gradually, and the portions of the territory on the north-south line, rise equally. The beaches of the Adriatic sea (the seaside cities, from north to south, are Porto Sant ‘Elpidio, San Tommaso, Tre Archi, Lido di Fermo, Porto San Giorgio, Marina Palmense and Pedaso) are mostly sandy and the bottoms degrade almost always gently up to tens meters from the shore.

Moving towards the hilly areas of Fermo you can notice the strong alternation of natural vegetation and agricultural areas. In these areas, together with the nature, the key role is played by the towns (small historical towns), usually of medieval architectural style and mostly perched on the hills. Typical examples are those of the municipalities of Altidona, Belmonte Piceno, Campofilone, Falerone, Francavilla d’Ete, Grottazzolina, Lapedona, Magliano di Tenna, Massa Fermana, Monsampietro Morico, Montappone, Montegranaro, Monterubbiano, Monte Gilberto, Monte Rinaldo, Monte San Pietrangeli, Monte Urano, Monte Vidon Combatte, Monte Vidon Corrado, Montegiorgio, Monteleone di Fermo, Montelparo, Montottone, Moresco, Ortezzano, Petritoli, Ponzano di Fermo, Rapagnano, Servigliano, Torre San Patrizio.

The campaigns of the Marca Fermana are a wonderful cradle of natural and cultural wonders that grow on the west, towards the Apennines and the wild, varied and fascinating Sibillini Mountains. Here the nature is dominating, with a lower population density and large wooded areas, geopardized by few and amazing villages as Amandola and Montefortino that, along with the municipalities of Santa Vittoria in Matenano, Montefalcone and Smerillo, are part of the Mountain Community of the Sibillini. The portion of land within the municipalities of Amandola and Montefortino represents the northeastern side of the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains.